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The Ultimate Waterman

  • 02 Aug

  • admin

The Ultimate Waterman was a 12 day mobile event, held in March 2016. The schedule involved 9 individual disciplines based around the ocean, where A dozen international athletes were invited to compete. After an action packed week and a half of traveling around the country and competing, the overall winner was crowned.

I was contracted to produce daily video content along with news feeds and instagram videos at the event. I formed a small team, and between myself, another filmer and editor by the name of Guy Mac, and a general runner we produced 10 videos in 12 days. The mobile nature of the event meant that we were at times operating on 4-5 hours sleep, with 4am starts and the potential to be anywhere in NZ on any given day. Our videos were produced on the fly, and were largely sports results driven.

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