Damon Meade | About

Damon Meade is an NZ artist, with a primary focus on painting and video art. Having graduated from Massey University Wellington in 2004 with a BFA, Damon practises from his studio in Gisborne, NZ.

Artist Statement:

My current body of work explores a polarity between entropy and control; the difference between what is planned and what actually happens. Utilizing a process that allows for form to emerge by it’s own rules, in some ways I find myself spectator to the event. Chance occurrences play out through fractal formations, driven by material processes. This assisted natural activity, despite being chaotic by nature – can be pointed in specific directions. There is always an initial act of manipulation, followed by a period where the work directs itself. Having relinquished control, the work then calls for a series of amendments where attempts are made to re work the image towards a desired end. I often question whether these changes are positive interventions, or disruptions after the event. It is this set of decisions that hold my interest as an artist.